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Things to do before you bring a Puppy to his Forever home!!

When you decide that you need a forever friend and decide to bring home a Dog. Even before your new dog first sets paw in your home, you’ll need to make some preparations. These steps will ensure that your dog gets the best start possible in their new life with you.

A dog is a big commitment, so before you take the plunge, make sure you’re all together on wanting this newest member of the family.To avoid confusing the pup, hammer out the house rules ahead of time — will the dog be allowed on the bed? On the couch? Where will the dog sleep? Are any rooms of the house permanently off-limits? Include your family on the decisions so everyone is on the same page.

Scout out for a Baby woof welcome kit which consists of all the essentials like a

Small size feeding bowl, Puppy Vitamins liquids, Chewable supplements, Calcium liquid supplements, Paw cleaner, Pet food items for a puppy, Light weight leash and collar, Comfy Bed, Toys, Puppy training spray, Instant Parvo test Kit, Puppy diapers, Blanket, Training mats and much more that the little one would need in his early days with you.

The days are going to be a little exhausting in the beginning and you should be mentally prepared for the pet parenting.

  • Take your puppy to the vet and get their tests done to understand their body and maintain their records for vaccinations and take care of any deficiencies in their bodies.
  • Decide a designated place in your house which they can call theirs.
  • Buy some of the basics ahead of time, so you both and your dog can settle in without too many mad dashes to the store like Crates, Food and water bowls, Food and maybe some treatsfor training — talk to your vet about an appropriate diet Collarand leash, Bed, Toys, especially chew toys, Stain- and odor-removing cleaners, Possibly some baby or dog gates to block off sections of your house.
  • Start the Puppy poop training early using a Puppy training Spray and Puppy loo at home.
  • Take them for walks, always carry a poop scooper and poop bags to keep your surroundings clean.
  • Teach them not to chew on home furniture or shoes by spraying the things in access with an Anti-Chew spray. They might be teething and feel like chewing anything that comes their way.
  • Keep them groomed and tidy by assuring their nails are filed and so that they do not scratch you or the furniture around you.

      Keep It Pleasant But Low-key At First: For a shy puppy or dog, being taken to a new place and then deluged with lots of loud, lively strangers can be really overwhelming. The first day or two, keep the mood mellow and calm. Hold off on inviting guests over until your pup settles in.

      Introduce Your Dog To Their Crate: Crates are the best way to house train, but most dogs need a little time to warm up to them. This isn’t hard to do; you just need to know how to introduce your dog or puppy to their crate. Here’s a full guide to getting your dog acclimated: Introducing Dog To Crate.

      Start Your Training: The earlier you start, the faster and easier it will be to teach good manners, and the better the lessons will stick. The two most important things to teach your dog are house training and socialization — getting them comfortable around other people and pets.

      Set Up A Routine: A routine helps with house training and is reassuring to your dog. Figure out a schedule for walks, meals, bathroom breaks, and exercise — and try to stick to it. A lot of this will involve observing your dog and working with their schedule to respond to their needs.

Happy Paw Parenting !!!



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