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Yay!! Its your Dogs’s Birthday, here is what to do..

If you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate your dog’s birthday you can host your Dog’s Birthday making them happier. Dogs are blessed with sensing how much their hoomans care for them and they will know that its an occasion where they are being celebrated. You Invite some of your friends and family over (along with their friendly dogs) to celebrate or alternatively you can book a dog friendly restaurant in the neighbourhood and through a pupper party on the special day for your Dog.

If you’ve never had a bunch of doggie guests over to your home before we recommend starting small. When it comes to doggie birthday parties there’s nothing wrong with keeping it intimate; having a few doggie friends over will be more than enough to make it a memorable day for your dog. You can serve dog friendly cake, give out “doggie bags” filled with treats & goodies, and play some fun doggie games. If you want to skip the trouble of organising all this stuff you can order a compiled birthday kit for your Dog online which includes their birthday Décor, Cake mix, treats for them and their friends and much more, this would give you more time to enjoy with your doggo on their day.

If you’re going to be holding your dog party outside remember to make sure that all of the dogs have access to fresh water and shade at all times. And remember to keep an eye on things and make sure the dogs are supervised at all times.

Don’t forget to pamper them with gifts and treats, the baby deserves it on its special day.

Happy Paw-Parenting !!


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