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DogzKart Family - Join Us !!

DogzKart Family - Join Us !!

DogzKart Influencer Program

This is how this Program works :

  1. Minimum Joining Fee : Rs. 4.99
  2. Earn money in your free time using your network
  3. Get a unique envoy code for yourself after enrolling
  4. Share it with your network and everytime they make a purchase you make money out of the sale amount
  5. Seamless payments on 45th day after joining payouts
  6. Minimum payable INR 1000/-
  7. The following table of money minting is applicable:


Name of Program


Joining fee

Quarter Sale Target


Sale % earned

Influencer Program

6 months







50,000- 1,00,000





1,00,000 onwards promotion to Envoy plan



  1. Sales to be made online on using the Unique code shared with the Influencers
  2. Refunds to be adjusted in the sales and the rights of administration is with and its representatives
  3. No qualification or age bar if you are above 18 years
  4. Shipping handled by Dogzkart
  5. Every time any associate adds a new member in the system, they get a referral Bonus added to their payout in the following denominations:


Referral program

Referral bonus earned ( Rs.)



  1. For any clarifications and details, Please write an email to