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Our Team

Our Team

About Us

Welcome to Dogzkart , your number one source for all things related to your Pets. We're dedicated to providing you the very best of Products & Services your loved Furry friend needs, with an emphasis on making Pet-Parenting easier and rewarding, All round well being of your pet & to making them smarter.
Founded in 2021 by Neha Puri & Rohin Bhatia, Dogkart has come a long way to be more than just an online pet store - from being a trusted online platform for Pet products & services - we also believe in creating more awareness and help you evolve as a Pet Parent. Dogzkart is driven by passion and unconditional love that we all share for our Four-legged friend forever.
We hope you enjoy your association with Dogzkart as much as we enjoy offering the exclusive world of Dogzkart to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Happy Pawrenting !!
Team DogzKart

Our Team

Neha Puri
Co-Founder and “Chief Dog Mom”

Neha Puri is an avid Pet Lover & Canine nutritionist; she takes immense pride in being a mom to 4 Indie kids that came in her life and helped her identify her calling & Purpose in life. After spending 14 years in the corporate jobs and having worked with organisations like Walmart, Royal Bank of Scotland and Microsoft, it was the challenges that she faced during her time as a dog mom to identify the challenges and look for a fix not only for herself but also for other Pet Parents around. Neha is also an Author & blogger and her work has mostly been around the Pet’s life and pet parenting.

Rohin Bhatia
Co-Founder and the “Mollycoddler”

As they say, A man Who loves Dogs, Is a good man – but what do you call a man who loves all dogs and pamper them Insane. It was much before the inception of Dogzkart that Rohin started his journey as a Pet parent- Having grown in a household where Pets were always a part of the family his understanding towards the psychology and behavioural patterns of the pets. His love and immense care towards his pets has lead him to laying the foundation of Dogzkart. Apart from his love for Pets it's also his business acumen and his zeal to make it a better world for the wagging tails. He is a serial entrepreneur and have successfully run businesses all over the world. This man has been a pillar and is the perfect Daddy material for his Dogs. He is a Single parent to two pampered Dogs and giving them a Dream life. Rohin’s vision for Dogzkart has been instrumental in making it a trusted brand for the Pet parents. How can you not trust the vision of a man whose only purpose is to pamper the paws and make them smarter.

Rohin is also the Co-Author of an amazing handbook emphasising on the First Aid requisites of your dogs.

Rohin & Neha also run an NGO for the welfare of stray dogs.