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Why is taking Pet insurance the best thing you can do for your Pet ?

What Is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is the transfer of the risks related to your pet’s health to a third party in exchange of a premium. In other words, you the pet owner are paying a premium to the pet insurance company for them to assume a portion of the risk for your pet’s covered medical expenses. Neither you nor the insurance company want your pet to be sick or injured, but by you paying the premium, the pet insurance company is assuming part of the economic risk instead of you.

Our Pets are a part of our family with the changing times, the love and care we pour on our pets and the attention that we give to their well-being and health is also increasing. We want the best for our pets in terms of accessories, food, medical care, grooming and toys, but one of the major aspects that we often overlook is taking Pet Insurance for them. All our family members whether they are our children, Ourselves or our parents are all covered under insurance to deal with any emergency situation without it impacting our pockets. All we have to do is be prepared well in advance for our pet emergencies just as we are for the rest of our family. Here are a few reasons why you should consider taking a Pet Insurance:


  1. Keeps you prepared enough to deal with any medical emergency for your Pet – The Pet insurance makes you prepared well in advance to be able to deal with any sort of medical emergencies your pets might come across.
  2. Helps in expensive treatments – Just like Humans, our pets can also go through some major illnesses which if not treated on time can prove fatal for them. Having a pet insurance can make sure we can go ahead with the most expensive treatments and hospitalization cost to combat illnesses and ensure recovery.
  3. Pet insurance wide coverage- Pet insurance gives you a wider option of treatments for dental issues, parasite-borne diseases, cataracts, fractures, pregnancy complications etc., depending on the policy you choose. Pet insurance also proves to be a boon for pets that may need to make use of additional healthcare facilities as they age.
  4. Care for your Furr baby without disturbing your savings- No matter how careful you are with your furry buddy, accidents can be unavoidable. In the event of an unexpected accident, injury or illness, pet insurance helps with the cost of medical treatment so that you do not have to go through the stress of unplanned expenses or dip into your savings.
  5. Option to choose as per your needs: Pet insurance plans provide you the flexibility to choose the insurance plans and add ons as per the need, age, medical history of your pet and help you ascertain what would be best suited insurance plan to cater to your Pet.
  6. Additional coverages with pet Insurance- Besides accidents and illness, some pet insurance policies also cover theft or loss of the pet, overseas travel and third-party liabilities in case your pet causes injuries to someone else or damages their property.
  7. Provides you Mental peace- Insurance provides a mental peace and that in any circumstances and situations that you are going through in your finances or in your life your pooch is going the best medical attention as and when needed.
  8. Liberty to choose the Vet you trust - Unlike human health insurance policies that may require you to use a specific health care provider, pet insurance policies allow you to obtain care from the veterinarian of your choosing. You simply provide the veterinary bill to the insurance company for reimbursement of qualified expenses.
  9. Does not discriminate against any breed or age of pet. While it is advisable to obtain pet insurance as soon as you adopt your pet to obtain lower premiums, you can also insure your pet years later.

If you are keen on buying pet insurance, it is advisable to do so when your dog is young. However, it can be done later in life as well. Make sure to compare policies and choose what is right for your furry baby based on its needs and your lifestyle.

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