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Automatic Pet Feeder | Dog Cat Food Feeder | Smart Feeder Device Wifi and Bluetooth enabled.

Automatic Pet Feeder has it all for your pet.

Automatic Pet Feeder

Your pets are part of your family, and keeping them healthy is one of the priorities that shouldn't be neglected at any cost. Keeping them healthy and fit comes with the first responsibility of giving them meals at the proper time. Keeping track of their pet's eating habits sometimes becomes difficult for people engaged in other activities outside their domestic routine. But, you need not worry anymore, as the Automatic Pet Feeder is the new technological solution that helps you with the concern of feeding your pet in time.
This automatic Technology lets pet owners easily control their pet's feeding timing with the help of an application connected to the feeding machine. More than this, it provides multiple features that make feeding easy. Let us look at these features:
● The large inbuilt capacity of 6L enables storing large quantities of food.
● Keeps the food fresh and protected from flies and insects.
● The voice recordings make it easy for you to be there for your pet even when you are away from them.
● The dual power supply makes it flexible to control these features smoothly.
● The container can be easily removed and cleaned.
Such multiple features that this Technology has takes care of your responsibility and your pet's need to get meals in time. The best part is that you can smoothly control the pet feeder using a Mobile application even when you are not present with your pet.

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