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Why is it important to have a First Aid kit for your Pet at Home?

By definition, pet emergencies are critical health crises which require immediate medical intervention. Having an emergency first aid kit is recommended for all pet parents and may buy your pet critical time until veterinary care is available.

As with any member of the family, detecting a medical condition early makes it more likely that it can be treated promptly and before it becomes serious. Having the knowledge and skills a Pet First Aid and CPR class provides will help you to prepare for and remain calm during an emergency. A first aid kit for dogs and people is a vital component in an emergency disaster preparedness plan as well.

First Aid Kits need to be easily accessible in case an emergency situation arises. The kit should be well organised, ideally in a bag with compartments to allow you to quickly grab what you need, along with a care guide or instruction manual. Ideally you should have a portable kit with you at all times as you never know when an accident may happen.

First Aid kits should be in soft padded cases to avoid breakage due to friction between containers and bottles in the case, additional aspects need to be considered for pets; they may need to be muzzled to prevent them biting you and they are also likely to chew or try and remove any dressings they find irritating. Any contents you use should ideally be pet specific and either tougher or safe for them to eat, should they lick or chew them.

Your kit should contain as a minimum FirstAid aid book or instructions, and contents to treat major and minor bleeding, burns, breaks and sprains.

Consider the above mentioned points and opt out to secure a Dogzkart First Aid Emergency Kit for your Dog asap Why should Hoomans have all the care ?

Happy Pet Parenting !!!

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